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Jack's journey into the world of makeup commenced at the tender age of 8,  at regional theater. Growing up in the city of Cleveland, Jack discovered his innate ability to help bring characters to life, and make audiences laugh through the transformative power of makeup. 

Upon completing his education at the University of Cincinnati, CCM, Jack's path led him to the city of Los Angeles. He pursued the craft of makeup full time. 

ack has had the privilege of contributing to the success of over 80 films and television series, leaving a mark on iconic productions such as The Walking Dead, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, 21 & 22 Jumpstreet, Ozark, and Brockmire. Notably, Jack's exceptional work on Ozark garnered him an Emmy nomination. 

Despite these notable accomplishments, Jack remains grounded and appreciative. Currently, he has chosen to call the vibrant city of Jonesboro, Georgia his home, where he continues to create. 

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